exhibition design
kal ei do skowp
kal ei do skowp (kaleidoscope in pronounciation)
is the name and theme of the senior thesis exhibition for the Graphic Design BFA class of 2023’. Representative of a year long personal and research based projects initiated with daily writing to integrate daily experience and awareness into the design process.

My contribution was that of helping develop the conceptual expression of “kaleidoskowp” in the sense of breaking into separate parts, cutting, reflecting, and at different planes. A a metaphorical interpretation on the semantics of a kaleidoscowp, including the purposeful misspelling– broken into the pronounciation spelling. The question was: how will the idea of kaleidoscope live in the space given.

  • Event: Senior Exhibition FIT
  • Design: Elliot Jover, Lauren Salerno, Haggai Shamir
  • Typeface: Grotesque MT Bold and Regular

exhibition graphics with monitor projecting promo videocolumns in lobby 

vinyl installation

Unix Epoch timestamp to mark exact time of exhibit opening.